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SVB Collapse Revisits Bank Regulation Issues

The Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse last week sent shockwaves across the stock market, with banks particularly taking a hit. This was the end of a familiar cycle: the boom, followed by the bust, and now the bailout. While the primary responsibility for the failure lies with SVB’s management, regulators have been called into question […]

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Should the Full Retirement Age be Raised to 70?

As lifespans increase and Social Security’s finances shrink, some lawmakers have proposed raising the full retirement age to 70 in order to reduce Social Security costs over the near term. While this would help cover payments to the very elderly, it would also widen the financial gap for those claiming early. Despite the potential cost […]

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Social Security Crisis Looms: How Will Congress React?

As the retirement of baby boomers continues, the Social Security trust fund is facing an unprecedented crisis. In the most recent Social Security Trustees Report, released in June 2022, it was estimated that the trust funds which have been compensating for the deficit in funding would be exhausted by 2035.[0] According to a Congressional Budget […]

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