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Macron Uses Article 49.3 to Impose Unpopular Pension Reform Amid Protests

French President Emmanuel Macron has taken the extraordinary step of using a constitutional maneuver to bypass parliament and impose his deeply unpopular pensions reform, in a move that has dealt a significant blow to his leadership.[0] The decision to trigger Article 49.3 of the French constitution, which grants the government executive privilege to push through controversial pension reforms without a parliamentary vote, has been met with widespread criticism.

The proposed reforms of France’s cherished pensions system were already controversial, but it was the manner in which the bill was approved that sparked the most anger.[1] Macron and his prime minister, Élisabeth Borne, had hoped that votes from members of the conservative Republican party would be enough to create an ad hoc majority from the bill, however, even their own MPs have proven brittle faced with popular pressure.[2]

The French President is attempting to increase the legal age of retirement to 64 from 62 and extend contributions for a full pension in an effort to balance the accounts of France’s state pensions system — among the most generous in the world.[3] According to projections from France’s Council of Pensions Planning, the finances of the pensions system are balanced in the short term but will go into deficit in the long term.[4]

The move to trigger article 49.3 of the French constitution is widely seen as a risky move for Macron as it allows MPs to submit motions of no-confidence within 24 hours. In recent months, the government has withstood motions of no-confidence, but the pressure is much greater now.[0] If a majority of Members of Parliament vote in support of a motion, Borne's government would have to step down.[0]

As Élisabeth Borne, the French prime minister, rose to speak in front of the National Assembly, left-wing MPs booed and burst into song with “La Marseillaise.”.[2] Amidst a chorus of the national anthem, a protest took place in Borne in response to the announcement that the government intends to push through its plan to raise the retirement age, without permitting a vote.[2] A motion of no confidence in her administration is expected to be put forward, as a result of the controversial use of 49.3 as an alternative option.[2]

The French people have shown massive opposition to the bill, demonstrated through rolling strikes that began on March 7 in such diverse sectors as rail and garbage collection.[2] Opinion polls show large majorities of French people are opposed, and impromptu protests have broken out in Paris and across several French cities.[3]

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